Why we are establishing Kannywood Women Association – Kannywood actress, Rukayya Dawayya

Why we are establishing Kannywood Women Association - Kannywood ac

Why we are establishing Kannywood Women Association – Kannywood actress, Rukayya Dawayya

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Popular Kannywood actress, politician and philanthropist, Rukayya Dawayya whose real name is Rukayya Umar Santa, has stated why they are establishing an Association for Kannywood Women. She said this is the only way the interest of female actresses will be taken care of in Kannywood.

Rukayya in a statement in Kano said they have MOPPAN, they have the Umbrella Body Kannywood, they have Arewa Film Makers Association, but none has a strong elected female executive into all these bodies, and as such, they have been neglected for a very long time.

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Even with the Kannywood Women Association, some of their male colleagues did everything possible to frustrate its registration from the Corporate Affairs Commission, but she and some of her friends with the assistance of some people outside the industry successfully registered the association and they are now campaigning to fill the executive offices that will run the new body.

Adding that even though she is planning to go back to her state, Katsina to seek elective political office in 2023, this will not stop her from contesting for the presidency of the new body and that is why she has indicated her interest to be the president, and whatever may come out of it, the future will take care of itself.

Rukayya Dawayya named several projects that she wants to embark upon if elected, like educating her members in Islamic and Western Education, assisting them to get bank loan facilities, assisting them through the Federal Ministry of Information, to get loans as being given to Nollywood in the South, in fact, in billions not millions.

The North has been left behind, since the COVID-19 epidemic, even producing films now is no longer profitable except if one will get a soft loan to produce films in series, which some of them are now doing but using their own money. Though they are making a huge profit, they will not mind getting government or private investors to invest in Kannywood.

Rukayya Dawayya is a divorcee with one son, named Arafat, she gave birth to him on Arafat day in Saudi Arabia. She is rich, very popular and she is also very close to Governor Badaru of Jigawa State.


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