Why we didnt close UNIMAID despite attacks by Boko Haram terrorists  – VC

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri, Prof. Aliyu Shugaba

Why we didnt close UNIMAID despite attacks by Boko Haram terrorists  – VC

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Maiduguri, Prof. Aliyu Shugaba, said it took a great deal of resilience for the university to continue operating despite the presence and numerous threats from Boko Haram terrorists in Borno state.

Shugaba applauded the determination of the school management and support from all security agencies, hunters and vigilante groups which managed to keep the school premises relatively safe for staff members and students.

The VC also informed the gathering that the University has turned the Boko Haram challenge into an opportunity to improve its services in significant ways, adding that the University now has the best department for studying violent extremism and also a massive Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

The Professor of Biochemistry added that, even when a Professor of Veterinary Medicine was killed in 2017 by a suicide bomber, rather than giving up and shutting the school down, he and his management staff opted to be more proactive on the issue of security.

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The VC noted that the security situation was so tense that there was a time the Minister of Education visited Maiduguri with the aim of closing the school but he and his staff and students resisted it and chose to defy the challenges.

“We had about 40,000 student population that time and all the roads leading out of the city had either been shut for fear of Boko Haram or taken over by Boko Haram elements.

“Even the only one working that time, the Maiduguri-Yobe-Kano road still contained a lot of Boko Haram threats.

“So where and to whom are we releasing these 40,000 students if we chose to shut the school? If we did, the insurgents could have either harmed them or taken them and turned them into terrorists.

“So we decided to stay in school to protect them and continued our activities of teaching, learning and research,” the VC said.

He added that: “Right now, we have inculcated resistance into our students so much that if they hear bomb blasts, they laugh it off and call it ring tunes.”

“We are not afraid of Boko Haram at all. We have now instituted a smooth transition process in the school in such a way that, if the present VC is killed, there is an immediate successor who also has an immediate successor that will take over the mantle of leadership if he is also killed,” he noted.


  1. Well he said what he feel like it’s best to him and sweet to his mouth but as a student in his university where he called best which it’s not walllahi I am just pleading if boko haram will not harm any of my lecturers or my mate to please come and shut down every atom this university. I know people might be saying subhanallah what’s wrong with this boy or they might said maybe he is part of those admitted in the university teaching hospital psychiatry well all will not be of use to my emotional pain but mind you what these current university management has put us through is far more worst than that of boko haram. Could you image let me give you one out of hundreds of examples of what these current university has done and make me feel such a way. Just imagine my course mate got an accident just after finishing his examination and that’s happen on his way to keep his belongings at one of our friends residents, just at this narrow road called Lagos street their keke was knocked by and N.G.O (non-governmental organization) called I.O.M jeep pay that precise keke its five human beings which include the keke driver(died) the certain friends of mine musa gadzama (died), and one students from biological science 200l which she is pregnant (died) too, that other Friend of mine which is there house they want to go he is not died so his name will not be included and another last girl which she is not yet revealed whether died or not. All those four passengers are unimaid students and are knocked down by an N.G.O official jeep what did that certain officials have to do in my own childish thinking I thought they supposed rush all of them to hospital which is not far from there but no they called officials said they will not take any bloody human being in their car without getting permission from their office and at that scenario that pregnant woman was supposed to be alive if rushed to hospital but after wasting her blood and she died she was taken died to the hospital even the two died body which were died in the absence of some minutes might have some hope of living if rushed but not done and it’s at that juncture that some reasonable side viewers rushed them to the hospital with there hands without using any transportation means. And second must painful part was that N.G.Os had to cater for all the bills but not that include even to be present at the burial ground of any of them of which I witnessed in my friends burial. Thirdly as am talking none I mean NONE which include either the SO CALLED students union government, the management of our department our faculty and the school at large didn’t support or even say any thing concerning that precise scenes and wallahi they know, which they might did may be after his soul disturb the life. And even if they will not why can’t they stand for them as that N.G.Os have to face the consequences of what they did but no. And yet this school with said they are discharging their duties I’m terms of securing our lives and prosperities which is exactly what they are given the mandate of when assigned as leaders and believe me wallahi if to say it’s during PROF IBRAHIM ABUBAKAR NJODI’s REGIME THIS STUDENTS WILL SURELY REST IN PEACE AS THEIR RIGHT ARE BEEN FOUGHT FOR.

    Note: As said earlier hundreds of things are happening in these university which will if not taken care of leads many students to join many sectors of inappropriatism so as to secure themselves and their properties that will involve indulging in CULTISTS which is labeled none in these unimaid and even BOKO HARAM as it’s the safest gang in our now Nigeria 🇳🇬 which these gang are given much privilege than us that bear the label BOKO HALAL. Wallahi if not for my only mother which is risking her life up and down just to make sure I and my siblings study I would have drop out from these useless thing and even if it’s now these precious jewels of mine is gone wlh I will leave these school but god forbid.

    Thanks so much.
    From a sad student university Of Maiduguri


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