Actress Fati Muhammad returns to Kannywood after 14 years break


Actress Fati Muhammad returns to Kannywood after 14 years break

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Popular Hausa actress in the 90s Fati Muhammad has decided to return back to the acting scene after spending 14 years outside the industry. Over the years, the actress has been into politics, where she particularly campaigned for former Vice President Atiku Abubakar on various social networks.

Fati Muhammad, a Fulani from Yola, has been married twice, first to Sani Iska, a Kannywood member, they later relocated to London and after several years, the marriage ended, it was alleged that Sani Iska married a white lady. The actress later returned to Nigeria and engaged herself in other social activities.

After a while, she got married to Umar Kanu elder brother, the popular singer Ali Jita and after some time, the parents of Umar Kanu insisted that Fati is not the type of woman for their son and insisted that the marriage ends. After the marriage ended, Fati was somehow frustrated and decided to leave Kano and stay in Kaduna in a hotel for a very long time.

Campaign managers of former Vice President Atiku later asked her to coordinate his philanthropic activities in Kaduna and later, she was fully incorporated into his campaign organisation, where they travelled far and wide, but along the process, Fati lost her prestige and become an ordinary political hanger on which she could not bear and quit.

Preparatory to her coming back into the industry, she came up with some pictures on social media to test her popularity, but a nasty write up by one Datti Assalafi describing Fati as an old woman that does not know that her time is up shattered the actress.

Source said Fati got seriously affected by the malicious write up and fired back on different social media platforms castigating Assalafi. After the episode, the actress has decided to come back to the industry and polish her image.

Our correspondent reports that no producer has shown any interest to engage her in any project so far, probably because it will be hard for her to sell any film now, especially with young and beautiful actresses around.

But the Fulani born actress whose marriages has not been blessed with kids, argues that she has been encouraged by her long time friend Ali Nuhu to return to the industry, assuring that he will specifically produce a film to promote her and make her relevant in the industry again.


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