Have we not reverted to the ugly old days?, by Abba Muhammad Tawfiq

Abba Muhammad Tawfiq
Abba Muhammad Tawfiq

The prime priority of every government is always to ensure the safety of its people by providing adequate food and security and other necessities of life in order to make a pleasant bustling of it (life).

The inability to reach that satisfactorily, had made Nigerians call it an anathema on the Jonathan’s stewardship and pinned him with the harsh tags of incompetence and genocide in northern Nigeria. For that, we prayed consistently and did everything practically possible within the sphere of our human influence until we had him dethroned from power.

Buhari, very well acquainted for his antique military stature of rational thoughts. And of course, zero tolerance to nonsense and his political confederates in APC wooed us by the “change” cliche. They strategized their political expedition by accentuating majorly on Jonathan’s incompetence to ensure security of life and property in the Northeastern states of the Nation.

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As hapless and helpless as we were with our lives at the grabs and pangs of insurgents, we put our complete trust in Buhari and APC, with the expectation and hope of fulfilling their promises of strengthening security setbacks and restoring peace in the nation, APC did not only attain the peak of our love but succeeded PDP with the power of our lives and thumbs.

Early in their (APC) administration as they avowed before God and the good people of Nigeria of addressing the security challenges, we can honestly say that the waterloo of Nigerian enemies was celebrated and normalcy was restored in most of the Northeastern states like Adamawa, Gombe, Bauchi, Yobe, and Borno, which were then wrecked by detonations and eruptions of improvised explosive devices.

Expectations often fail and most often, its promises fail. The accomplishment of the war being waged furiously against insurgents turn out to be a mirage. For it was short-lived and insurgence is spreading its tentacles ubiquitously across the nation.

Up to now, a two hour thirty minutes drive from Damaturu to the once known “Home of peace” is like penetrating through the boundaries of the “Bermuda triangle” despite having an airforce base that is well equipped with military fighter jets in Maiduguri, the road will be barricaded for hours and people would be wantonly slaughtered like animals in abattoir by insensate humanlike beasts without any intervention. Sadly, the enormity of the matter is that even those who have taken the solemn oath and are saddled with the heavy responsibility of protecting the lives of innocent Nigerians are not spared.

Furthermore, the Northwest and the Northcentral segments of the country have also responded to the topsy-turvydom of insecurity and have now become a furnace hell on earth. The kaduna–Abuja road remains a highway of death where people are on daily basis being mercilessly forced to breathe in death and exhale life and stripped of their chattels by kidnappers.

One of the worst tribulations that betide one in today’s Nigeria is being a resident of Zamfara, Sokoto, or Katsina. The everyday news reaching us from there are unremitting kidnappings and insurgents bathing in the bloodstream of innocent souls thereby turning wives into widows and children into orphans.

In spite of the economic hardship in the country, one has to struggle in order to fulfil the Darwin’s law of survival. Unfortunately, only our vital forces dearly pay the cost of so doing. May Allah in His infinite mercy restore peace to our dear nation. Amen.

Abba Muhammad Tawfiq is a 500L Medical Rehabilitation Student at, University Of Maiduguri.


  1. From one region to the whole northern state. Backwardness on insecurity is just underestimated. May Allah have mercy on us. Ameen


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