Voters Registration: Plateau lawmaker, Lar, alleges hoarding of machines by INEC in constituency

Voters Registration: Plateau lawmaker, Lar, alleges hoarding of machines by INEC in constituency
Hon. Beni Butmak Lar.

Voters Registration: Plateau lawmaker, Lar, alleges hoarding of machines by INEC in constituency

Story from Yakubu VENTIM, Jos

Ahead of the 2023 General Election in Nigeria, a member representing Langtang North and South Federal Constituency of Plateau State, Hon. Beni Butmak Lar has expressed dismay in the manner in which the Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) staff deployed to conduct the second phase of registration and capturing of voters in her constituency is going.

Hon. Lar emphasised that she witnessed artificial hoarding of voters’ registration machines in her constituency which is obvious that there is a plot to rig the forthcoming polls in Langtang North and South.

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She appealed to the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) government to allow democracy to strive and not to disenfranchise the eligible voters in her constituency.

Beni Lar complained bitterly that her constituency in Langtang North and South, who are not fewer than five million, is provided with one functional bio-metric voters’ registration machine to capture all the eligible voters ahead of the 2023 general election.

Speaking with Neptune Prime, she raised an alarm that INEC should ensure that all Nigerians are allowed to register at her residence along Beach Road in Jos, Plateau State capital.

She accused the government of the APC that they had already set in motion the process of plotting to rig the 2023 general elections through disenfranchising of eligible Nigerian voters with the antics of artificial hoarding of biometric registration voters machines.

Hon. Lar, who is the daughter of the 1st civilian governor of Plateau State, Chief Solomon Dashep Lar, sent a strong warning to the ruling government to ensure that all Nigerians of voting age are given an opportunity to register and provide enabling environment to vote during the election for peace to reign.

She further added that the APC’s seven years of being in power has brought untold hardships to Nigerians and has plunged the country into the worst economic crisis in the country’s history, saying that Nigeria is now rated as one of the poorest countries in the world.

“When President Buhari was campaigning in 2015 and 2019, he promised Nigerians that he will make the country’s Naira be equal with the American Dollars, revive the moribund Ajakuta Steel Rolling Mill but today, inflation is 300 – 400 per cent, foodstuffs have gone beyond the reach of average Nigerian as construction materials have hit the rooftop and killings, kidnappings and  banditry is now the order of the day.”

She exonerated the lawmakers from any blames for not resuscitating the moribund Ajakuta Steel company because the lawmakers have put all frameworks in place and are left for the present administration to implement it.

“The issue of Ajakuta Steel Rolling Mill is pathetic, the equipment has been lying waste for long, the government of APC has promised that before the end of 2022, they will ensure that the steel rolling company will come back on stream”.

Hon. Lar called on Nigerians to be careful in the forthcoming 2023 General Election and judiciously use their voters’ registration card (PVC) to determine their future and that of their generation and advised them not to make another grave mistake that will hunt them for the rest of their lives.

She said that as the chairman of science and technology, she is desirous of diversifying the economy which informed the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chinese Government recently.

“My plan is to change the country from mono-economy to science and technology”, she maintained.


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