I am happy being a second wife, actress Mercy Aigbe to critics


I am happy being a second wife, actress Mercy Aigbe to critics

Story from Saleh INUWA

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe, has begged people to stop criticizing her for being a second wife to movie marketer Kazim Adeoti, saying she made the choice to be a second wife and she is extremely happy about it.

Speaking in a social media interview, Mercy Aigbe warn critics to leave her alone so that she could enjoy her marriage in peace, adding that she is not the first to be a second wife and she is happy with it.

“If you can be happy for me, if you are not happy for me, go and get yourself busy, or you can go to hell, on a much more serious note, it is my choice and I am happy, so just leave me to enjoy my marriage please”. She said.

The couple graced the front cover of the March 22 issue of media room hub magazine. It is also the first time the first wife of Kazim Adeoti is breaking the silence about her failed marriage. She revealed that her ex husband and Mercy have been business partners for 10 years, and he has has always been talking about how special she is.


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