Man narrates how he was born with a snake as twin brother (Photos)

Man narrates how he was born with a snake as twin brother (Photos)
Dr Garba Umar and his Snake brother

Man narrates how he was born with a snake as twin brother (Photos)

Story from Haruna YUSUF

Dr Garba Umar, born in 1955, in Zaria, Kaduna State has a snake as his twin brother, he said ever since birth he has been living with the viper as a family member.

In an interview with Neptune Prime correspondent, Umar said when his mother was pregnant with him, anytime she went to the hospital for check-ups, they didn’t usually see the snake in her womb, but only him as a fetus. Then eventually during delivery, she delivered him first and some minutes later the snake came out of her too.

He further said when his mother delivered him and the snake, some family members were of the opinion that they should throw the snake away, but his mother refused. So that was how “we were allowed to live and grow together”

“During our formative age, I didn’t know what my snake brother is to me until I attained adulthood, I started noticing that sometimes if I am travelling and there are armed robbers on the way, the snake will appear to render help. At that point I will move unharmed and sometimes I will ask the armed robbers to leave the road and they will oblige”.

“Again, another thing I noticed about my snake brother is that he normally goes after my traducers on my behalf”.

According to him, anytime people or someone is coming to attack him he will just see them running. “I will just know that it is the snake that is pursuing them” Umar said.

However, Dr Umar said his late father was the (Sarkin Bäka Makera ZauZau) a traditional title usually conferred on a brave hunter in Northern Nigeria. After the demise of his father, the title was conferred on him as the new (Sarkin Baka Makera Zauzau).

Neptune Prime sought to know if the circumstances surrounding his birth has caused him any emotional pain and he said “I am a blessing to my family and the world over, because, I am from a humble family which means it would have been difficult for me to achieve anything in life but with the circumstances surrounding my birth, “I tell you I have done a lot of wonderful things for myself , family members and the society at large.

“First I have been able to get myself an education up to PhD level with my research on traditional medicine and snake venom in Korea. If I’m trying to do anything that I do not have much knowledge about, my snake brother will appear to me and teach me how to carry that thing out. Also, I have produced anti venom to save life and also give students lectures on snakes and their types of venoms for their projects.

In view of this, the reporter observed on the day of the interview, there were final year students of Pharmacy from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) sitted before him while he was delivering lectures of type of snakes and their venom.

During an interview with one of the students, she said “My name is Ezeani Uche and I am a final year student of Pharmacy in UNN doing my project on Anti ‘Venom and venom extraction’. I think I have learnt a lot from Dr Garba Umar, also I don’t think there is anywhere I can be taught better than this. It means my project is going to come out well”. Uche said.


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