World Bank set to empower women across six states


World Bank set to empower women across six states

Story from Isah Aliyu CHIROMA, Abuja

World Bank says it has allocated $100m for women empowerment programs across six states in Nigeria.

A Social Development Specialist with the World Bank, Michael Ilesannmi, disclosed this on Thursday, during Nigeria for Women project in Abeokuta, the State capital of Ogun.

Ilesanmi, who is also the Task Leader for NFW project, listed the six states as Ogun, Abia, Akwa-Ibom, Kebbi, Taraba, and Niger state.

According to him, the project is a Nigerian government program, designed to empower women to become economically independent. The World Bank supports the program.

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Ilesannmi said, “This project, the Nigeria for Women project is a program of the government of Nigeria with support from the World Bank.

“The first phase of the Nigeria for Women project is a $100m fully funded by the World Bank, being implemented by the government for six states in the country; Ogun, Abia, Akwa-Ibon, Kebbi, Taraba, and Niger states.

“It is based on government priority to invest on women given that investing in women is smart economics.

“Improving the livelihood of the women and trying to invest  and change the discriminating social norms that prevent women from achieving their full potentials.”

The Country Director, World Bank, Shubaham Chaudhuri, said the project was targeted at improving the infrastructure and economic development of Nigeria.

“The World Bank is in partnership with Nigeria and the Ogun State Government to support them to empower women and grow the country’s economy.

“A program like this helps in primary and family healthcare, making sure that every child and family gets healthcare services.  It helps children to stay in school, the 15 million children that should be in school; farmers have access to markets, and every Nigerian has access to electricity.



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