3 in police net for plucking 12-year-old Almajiri’s eye to prepare charms against bandits

The suspects, 17-year-old Isah Hassan and 107-year-old herbalist, Furera Abubakar.

3 in police net for plucking 12-year-old Almajiri’s eye to prepare charms against bandits 

Kano State Police Command has arrested 3 suspects who plucked out the eyeball of a 12-year-old Almajiri boy, Mustapha Yunusa, in Kumbotso local government area of the state.

According to police reports, the culprits are Isah Hassan (17), Sani Abdulrahman (16), and 107-year-old herbalist, Furera Abubakar.

The victim, 12-year-old Mustapha Yunusa.

The incident occurred at Sheka Quarters, Kumbotso Local Government Area of Kano.

During police investigation, Isah confessed that Sani connected him to his grandmother to prepare charms for him. The old woman then told him to bring an eyeball and 500 naira for the preparation of an ‘appear and disappear’ charm.

The suspect then lured the 17-year-old Almajiri boy to a nearby bush, where he tied him standing upright and plucked out his right eye, with a sharp knife, and abandoned him to bleed to death.

Explaining the circumstances behind his action, the suspect said he desperately needed the charm to overpower bandits, who often terrorise him and his friends in the Bauchi State forest each time they are searching for charcoal, which they produce by felling and burning trees in the forest.

However, Furaira, while speaking to newsmen at the Kano Police Command Headquarters in Bompai, denied having any knowledge to prepare disappearing charms.

She admits to being a herbalist, who assists people with herbs, but does not engage in producing disappearing charms.


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