Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi, receives knocks over comment on childbearing

Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi, receives knocks over comment
Nafisa Abdullahi

Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi, receives knocks over comment on childbearing

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Kannywood actress, Nafisa Abdullahi, has continued to receive criticisms from members of the public over her social media statement in which she condemned parents who give birth to many children that they cannot give proper education or feed them to be responsible members of the society.

Nafisa Abdullahi, the famous lead actress of the rested ‘Labarina’ television series, a few days ago issued a statement on the social media, condemning the Almajiri system of education which she alleged is un-Islamic because it only breeds questionable characters on the streets. If you cannot train your children properly then limit yourself to one wife and few children, she said.

According to the University of Jos, Theatre Arts graduate, God will definitely punish whoever brought many children into this world and cannot feed them, educate them but only allow them to roam on the street searching for food and shelter. This is haram and Ulamma’s should preach against it.

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“All fingers are not equal, for you to dump a 3-4 years old boy on the street or allow him to even travel to a state their parents have never been to, where you find them subjected to all manner of hardship in order to survive is criminal and should be condemned by leaders at all level”.

But since she issued the statement, Nafisa Abdullahi who according to critics is one of the most wayward actresses in Nollywood, has been receiving serious bashing from members of the public including Ulamma’s who is comparing her to commercial sex workers.

“You are nothing but an actress that belongs to the most corrupt industry, the Kannywood in Kano. You also have several of your nude pictures on social media and there was even a report that you were once impregnated by Kannywood star Adam A. Zango, which up till now you have never denied, one Usman AbdulKadir based in Kano wrote about her”.

Similarly, an investigation by Neptune Prime in the Kannywood industry, shows that Nafisa Abdullahi is among actresses that have no Islamic education. Before her mother died she rented an apartment for the two of them in Kaduna where they were staying on their own, an exercise that is not allowed by decent Muslims, for a young girl to rent a house and be staying on her own as if she is a commercial sex worker.

Furthermore, it was gathered that, unlike Mansura Isah, Maryam Ceetah and other Kannywood actresses that distribute tons of foodstuff during fasting and Sallah festivities, Nafisa Abdullahi is in Dubai most of the time to enjoy herself, as such she has little respect in Kannywood. It is, therefore, not her type that will be involved in matters concerning religion, her colleagues told Neptune Prime.


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