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Man cries for help as his 3 children go missing from Abuja school


Man cries for help as his 3 children go missing from Abuja school

An Abuja-based businessman identified as Sunday Ani has narrated how he and his wife are having a traumatic time after their three children ‘disappeared’ from their school, Star Child Academy, in Kabusa community of Abuja.

Speaking about the incident in an interview with Newsmen, Mr Ani said he is desperately searching for his three children, Marvelous, ’f’ eight years of age, Alex, ‘m’ and Mirabel, ‘f’ who is two years old.

He said “I was in my shop when my wife called to inform me that she couldn’t find our children. She said she had been to their school more than two times and our children were not back home and not in school either. I rushed home and met nobody, so I had to go straight to their school.

“When I got to the school gate, I met the teachers and the proprietor. Even before leaving the shop I had called the proprietor and asked for my children. She said I should take it easy. When I got to the school, I asked for my children again at the school gate and they said that they were not aware of the departure of the children from the school premises.

“I was furious at the response. I left the school with some of my brothers that went with me, moving around villages in search of my children while my wife went to the police station to lodge a report. I didn’t see the owner of the school at the police station; they claimed that the owner of the school had fainted. Three teachers and my wife wrote their statements. I went back to the police station on Wednesday. I spoke to the DPO and the DCO and went back to the school owner’s house, still I could not see her.

“Some DSS men came to my house to ask me some questions. I asked the DPO where the owner of the school was. They said the woman had not reported to the station by then. The DCO said the most painful thing was that the mobile line of the owner of the school was not going through. He said he called the PA, the PA picked but as he was introducing himself and trying to get information from her, the PA ended the call abruptly. The DCO called back but she refused to pick up.

According to Ani, him and his wife have not slept up to 30 minutes since the incident happened.

“Every time we are busy going out to look for our kids even at night. My children have been attending the school for about one year plus because I just changed their school January last year. I expected security to be tight in the school, as the school premises has gates, it has security guards. In a school that has gates, I don’t know how possible it is for the children to leave the premises and their teachers and security guards would not know.

“Besides, the school has a procedure for releasing children even to parents. When one of my elder brothers who followed me to the school asked the teachers who they released my children to, they could not say anything. The owner of the school must provide my children. Nigerians should please help me ask her where my children are because they cannot say they don’t know the children’s whereabouts.

“I believe that God that gave me those children will help bring them back home. It is just a phase and it will surely come to an end by the grace of God. I strongly believe they would be found. It is a big shock to me. I never saw it coming. I love my children a lot, they love me too, whenever they are leaving the house, my youngest child would always pray for me; she would say, “Daddy, good market o.” The others would chorus it after her like a song. I have missed that. I am a good father, doing everything within my reach to take care of them.

The father of three appealed to the Federal Government of Nigeria and kind Nigerians to help him find his children.

“They are in this country, they are Nigerians. I am appealing to the government to help me fish out those who are holding them. I want them back home, to feel the love of their father. I’m worried about where they could be sleeping or what they are eating. They are selective when it comes to food. They could be sleeping in a mosquito-infested place now. I am really worried for their safety. He added.

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