Police arrest man for kidnapping lover to raise their wedding money from ransom


Police arrest man for kidnapping lover to raise their wedding money from ransom

Police in Abuja have paraded a suitor, Bello Ahmed, for kidnapping the lady he wanted to marry hoping to sponsor their wedding with the ransom money.

Officers from the Force Intelligence Bureau’s Intelligence Response Team (IRT) arrested Ahmed with three other suspects.

According to the Police, the suspects were arrested for criminal conspiracy and the well-coordinated kidnap of one Miss Hannah Queen at Apo Estate in Abuja.

The suspects all between the age group of 20-30 years were identified as 25-year-old Bello Ahmed who hails from Gombe town in Gombe State; Ibrahim Mohammed, 30, from Katsina LGA of Katsina State; Bilyamiyu Mohammed, 30, from Sokoto South LGA Sokoto State, and Uche Daniel, 30, a native of Obowo town, Obowo LGA, Imo State.

The suspect claims to base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and was a family friend to the parents of the victim.

“My lover put much pressure on me to marry her and I kidnapped her to raise money,” Bello told Police during investigation.

According to the police, the victim was kidnapped on March 26, 2022, at Sunyville Estate Apo, and the crime was reported to the IRT Headquarters at Guzape by the victim’s uncle – ACP Yusuf Sanni.

The police team arrested the suspects after they had released the victim, who has been identified as a lawyer and daughter of a renowned diplomat. Hannah and Ahmed were engaged in a relationship.

Further investigators revealed that Ahmed already has a wife and two children in Dubai before relocating to Nigeria to conspire with a criminal gang of kidnappers to perfect the crime.

“He had rented an apartment at Sunyville Estate Apo, Abuja upon his relocation to Nigeria after he established a relationship with the victim, he also promised to marry her.

“He allegedly brought in the other three kidnap-for-ransom gang members into the 3- bedroom bungalow apartment three days before they kidnapped the lady when she visited him and was relaxing in his living room.

Police said after the criminal gang members took him and his would-be spouse into captivity, he made the victim believe that he had sent N10 million to the kidnappers for their release through a fake bank alert until she discovered the antics and started calling her parents for her release.

The key suspect confessed that they expected a total of N50 million as ransom from the victim’s parents, adding that he had expected that each member of the gang would get up to at least N10 million.

Further interrogation of the key suspect by the Police had revealed that he had planned to marry the lady as a second wife in November 2022, but he decided to hold the marriage ceremony earlier in July this year to forestall the possibility of the lady going with another lover.

Exhibits allegedly recovered from the suspects include a hack saw, two masks, one beret cap, one masking tape, and one iPhone.

Other exhibits allegedly used by the suspects for the kidnapping and still missing from the house of the key suspect include three toy guns and an axe.

According to the Investigating Police Officer (IPO) Sergent Law Okeke, all the suspects are culpable in the crime as all have made useful statements to aid police investigations into the crime.


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