I always pray for my parents’ reunion – Sani Danja’s daughter

Khadijatul Iman

I always pray for my parents’ reunion – Sani Danja’s daughter 

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Khadijatul Iman, the eldest daughter of famous Kannywood actor and actress, Sani Musa Danja and Mansura Isah, has opened up about her celebrity parents separation and her ambitions in life.

The young actress who also have 3 younger brothers started acting when she was 8 months old, when she reached 8 years, she was already a popular actress, though she mostly featured in films sponsored by her father or mother, who are both actors and producers.

Her celebrity parents have separated and are now living separately, Mansura Isah has since moved out of Sani Danja’s house and is staying in her own property, the marriage collapsed very long time ago but the couple didn’t make it public because of their children, until when Mansura Isah posted on her Instagram page announcing that her marriage with Sani Danja is no more, and she felt she should let people know of her status.

Recently, our correspondent made all the necessary contacts to interview Khadijatul Iman on the separation of her parents, she granted us a telephone interview, which we recorded.

Excerpts of the interview…

NP: We have been trying to interview you over your family crisis, the last time we spoke, you talk of going out of the country to study and become a pilot, what is the latest now?

Khadijatul: Well, in or outside Nigeria, I can pursue my dream to be a pilot, apart from that, there are many courses that one can also study in the universities, because age is still on my side and I can tell you, I will make very good use of it, already I am a successful actress, but it seems the main focus of your interview will center on my parents separation, yes they are no longer together but in spirit they are still together, this year, I felt terribly bad when during the Sallah festivities, we did not do our usual family picture comprising all of us.


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