Politicians, Military misruled Nigeria – Gen. IBM Haruna (rtd)

Former ACF Chairman, General IBM Haruna (rtd).

Politicians, Military misruled Nigeria – Gen. IBM Haruna (rtd)

Story from Ibraheem Hamza MUHAMMAD

A decorated general, Ibrahim (IBM) Haruna (rtd) has blamed the worsening situation in Nigeria to the misrule by both civilians and the Military.

He said that “This country has not had true and selfless democracy from the military rule. Both administrations’ misrule has brought the country from a prospect to a backward position, especially the insecurity in the North East.

“If democracy has been successful, we would not have youths engage in dangerous arms, banditry, insurgency, unknown gunmen and even a public officer alleged to have stolen N80 billion.

“We are experiencing the failures and successes combined of previous administrations to set the policy on a good course. We should start making amendments now to avoid anything that would lead to retrogression and anarchy,” he said.

General IBM Haruna said the insecurity bedevilling Nigeria was due to the lack of proactive measures and selflessness to inspire the growing population of unemployed poor and disadvantaged youths.

IBM who is the former Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) said the solution is to have an objective and patriotic leadership by those in power.

He said that the citizenry must devise a system to be used by trusted people to manage a system that leads to tolerance, growth and development for the benefit of all.

The elder statesman said that many youths are frustrated compared to the era of our independence leaders who were nationalists different from now where we have policies by leaders that pursue different programmes.


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