True concept of marriage, by Aisha Musa Auyo


True concept of marriage, by Aisha Musa Auyo

God created marriage for lifelong pleasure and happiness. Beyond any other human relationship, marriage has the potential to make us happier, longer than anything else. But there is a price to happiness and that price is CHARACTER.

Marriage tests our character in every way. It tests our patience, our work ethics, our willingness to forgive, our sensitivity to others, our tolerance for those different from us, our ability to cooperate, our endurance, and humility. Marriage is simply the biggest test of character in life.

All these tests integrate into our demeanour and give us a certain level of understanding, patience and maturity, and willingness to forgive. It opens our eyes to the reality of life, that unconditional love is exclusively for parents and children. One needs to work more on his character, temperament, and personality to be able to live peacefully with others. That emotional intelligence plays a greater role in relationship than any other thing.

For some new couples, marriage is like a trip to the proverbial woodshed for the first several years. They are selfish, insensitive, angry and chauvinistic. After the first few years of marriage, many spouses were convinced that they had made a mistake in marrying their mates and that she/he was the cause of their misery.

However, after lots of patience and endurance, when they look back, they realise that all the negatives that happened are crucial in the formation of their character. Many couples have admitted that they almost didn’t make it, and almost gave up, but such circumstances forced them to decide to change and become more like GOD wanted them to be – patient, prayerful, selfless, understanding, and forgiving.



As a partner, know that every time you make a positive character change, your marriage will take a significant step forward. Your spouse also will make some positive character choices that will benefit your relationship, and you will have a great marriage. It won’t be perfect, but you will be happier, contented, and at peace than ever before, and will be glad to commit to the lifelong journey.


Aisha Musa Auyo is a Doctorate researcher in Educational Psychology, a mother of three, a Home Maker, caterer and parenting/ relationship coach.


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