I want a man to get me pregnant and leave – 42-year-old lady


I want a man to get me pregnant and leave – 42-year-old lady

A 42-year-old accountant named Sylvia has said that she’s getting old and she needs a man to impregnate her and leave before menopause clocks in.

In a leak made by Dr. Sebastien Wanonkou, the lady said: “I make a very good living but I haven’t been lucky when it comes to men. In short, I don’t want to accept a romantic relationship with a man in my life anymore. I’m like so devastated.

“But I’m getting old and I need to have a baby at least before I hit menopause. So there goes my worry, I just want a man regardless of his social status.

“Who’s just gonna get me pregnant and leave. We’ll do all the tests before he touches me and I’m paying for everything.

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“We’ll go to the notary and he will sign a contract to waive the child that will be born.

“As soon as I get pregnant, he won’t be allowed to contact me or even approach me in town.

“His price is my price, if it’s twins, I’ll double the price.

“I want a child of my own. Just that! I don’t want to have illusions about anyone anymore.

“Real interested persons, no jokers, inbox on page with your full photo, WhatsApp phone number, city of residence”.


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