Female swimmer escape rape by gang of teenage boys (Video)


A female swimmer has been reportedly saved from being molested by a group of boys at what appeared to be a hotel swimming pool.

It is believed that the boys who were around her were teenagers, according to the video obtained by Neptune Prime.

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Although, the person who took the shocking footage did not disclose the location, they criticised many parents for failing to instil discipline and self-control in their male children.

The young boys numbering up to half a dozen abandoning swimming and encircling the lady believed to be in her 20s, touching her and tugging at her two-piece bikini.

All this happened in broad daylight in the shallow end of the pool.

Noises of adults shouting at the boys to stop can be heard in the background and some men swiftly moved in to pull the lady out of the water.

Even as the lady was being pulled out, some of the boys were resisting the move and were still tugging at the bottom part of her bikini.

Many people reacting to the video call for more information to be able to track down the depraved boys.

They argue if they could do that in broad daylight, they would do worse under the cover of darkness.

Watch the video below:


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