Man who trekked from South Africa arrives Mecca three years after


The man, identified as Saheed, from Cape Town, South Africa arrived at his destination, Mecca, Saudi Arabia after three years of walking

Click this link for the Vidoe of his interview:

Saheed said he embarked on his journey on 30th August 2018, and he walked through Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, and Palestine, where the COVID-19 border lockdown forced him to pause his journey.

Saheed explained that he stayed in Palestine for more than a year before the border was reopened, he then continued his journey, walking through Jordan, and Medina before arriving at the Muslim’s holy land, Mecca.

He also added that he was in Mecca for Hajj and after it is over, he would walk back to South Africa.

The footage shows him narrating to an interviewer how he embarked on the journey.


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