My 20 reasons for resolving to see the end of strike with ASUU, by Muhammad Adamu Kwankwaso


My 20 reasons for resolving to see end of strike with ASUU

Social media surveys and focus group discussions with parents, university students, top ranking politicians and other sundry persons reveals that , the town and Gown are going parallel session with divergent opinions and thinking in terms of why we Strike. In view of this, I am now sharing some of the reasons why I must support my mother union to prosecute this strike to it’s logical conclusion, no matter the hurdles.

1. I am a Senior Lecturer, a Head of Department and still a Level Coordinator because of in adequate academic Staff.

2. I coordinate more than 450 Students, because of inadequate Staff.

3. I teach in overcrowded Under Graduate class of not less than 1000 students in a core course, e.g Edu 1201, Psychology of Education.

4.I supervise over 30 Under Graduate projects.

5. I teach over 200 Post Graduate Academic Masters Students over two core courses per semester.

6. I teach Doctorate Students Specializing in Educational psychology, 45 to 50 in number per session.

7. I supervise more than 20 Masters dissertations and 10 PhD theses per session instead of the normal ratio of 1 to 5. Free of charge without receiving my rightful academic allowances.

8. My intellectual treasures such as textbooks, printed course materials are free of charge from me, but a cafe vendor can use it and gain profit without my consent.

9. Recruitment of best academic staff through university standing committees, and via council approval is a matter of history, as recruitment is now facilitatated by the IPPIS wholesalers and retailers.

10. University autonomy is crumbled.

11. My micro teaching laboratory is accommodating only 50 students in a moment, with outdated facilities.

12. I sponsor local and international conferences and seminars I attend, with little intervention from my Principal.

12. I Sponsor my publications in Journals with the meager takehome for my personal development and Promotion, fueled by the fear of ‘You Publish or you Perish.’

13. I attend administrative and academic duty posts assigned by my employer.

14. I have no online classes, or any virtual engagement.

15. I work 24/7 for the system to be favorable.

16. I work with my personal computer, at work and at home.

17. I forfeit my weekends and leisures to bring others up.

18. Civil Servants close work by 4.Pm, but my closing hours are not fixed.

19. I am being paid meagre salary and forced to accept via IPPIS.

20. Whenever I choose to talk, I am intimidated by withhelding my salary.

So Enough is Enough.

Therefore if I may be defeated by your wise saying that my reward is in heaven, does that mean I’mn not entitled to better remuneration and emmulment? Or improved working conditions of service?

This is the condition of service for all Nigerian University lecturers, including Professors.

NB: we must to do something peaceful to draw the attention of Mr. Reconciliator, only 5 % of Nigerians parents can afford private universities.

Dr. Muhammad Adamu Kwankwaso is a Senior lecturer in the Department of Education Bayero University, Kano.
An Educational Psychologist, an analyst of Educational theory and Practice, a Teacher trainer with Special research interest on Teacher Education, Developmental psychology and Educational Research and Evaluation.


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