Kannywood artiste demands N100 million, car before marriage


Kannywood artiste demands N100 million, car before marriage

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Kannywood dancer and singer, Safara’u Kwana Casa’in has stated conditions one must meet before approaching her for marriage.

Safara’u Kwana who disclosed this in an interview with BBC Hausa Service and monitored by our correspondent in Kano said that first, a sum of N100 million naira must be made available to her so that she can be travelling in and outside the country for businesses. No condition should be attached to her movement and anytime she feels like travelling for a business trip, she must be allowed to do so.

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The actress further stated that she must be provided with a vehicle worth N15 million Naira for her personal use, so that wherever she goes, she would be respected as an entertainer and society lady, adding that her husband must allow her to continue with her dancing and singing, including appearing in any type of attire she feels like wearing.

These conditions Safara’u noted must be written between her and her husband and both of them must sign with their lawyers in attendance so that none of them will abuse this agreement in future, and in case of any abuse, she is free to file for a divorce of the marriage.

It could be recalled that Safara’u Kwana Casa’in who joined Kannywood recently as a dancer and singer have been receiving insults and nasty comments from members of the public, because of how she dresses, the way she dances and her general conduct in the industry.


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