Stowaway found unconscious in parked aircraft at Lagos airport


Stowaway found unconscious in parked aircraft at Lagos airport

A middle-aged man was apprehended and taken for interrogation after he was found on a parked aircraft by United Nigeria Airways in the early hours of Sunday.

Mr Achillus Chud- Uchegbu, the airline’s spokesman said this in a statement on Sunday in Lagos.

He explained that the unidentified man was unconscious and was discovered during the preflight inspection.

According to him, some flights might be affected as the airline would have to be rescheduled to accommodate the investigation.

The statement said, “During preflight inspection this morning, a stowaway was found in one of our aircraft parked at MMA2 Ikeja. The middle-aged man, who looked unkempt, was arrested and taken in for interrogation.

“Meanwhile, the aircraft last operated at Abuja-Lagos at 7.30 p.m. September 3 and was securely parked at the apron following a post-flight inspection.

“FAAN AVSEC and Bi-Courtney security services are on ground and an investigation has been opened into this security breach at MMA2.

“The affected aircraft is being screened and prepared for service in accordance with United Nigeria Airlines’ strict security and operating standards.

“Meanwhile, the development will result in the rescheduling of some flights to accommodate the investigations.

“We regret the delay this incident will cause our esteemed customers whose scheduled flights will be affected.” the statement ended.


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