Emir appoints new Wambai of Bauchi

Emir appoints new Wambai of Bauchi
New Wambai, Alhaji Lawal Muhammad Kirfi and Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu.

Emir appoints new Wambai of Bauchi

Story from Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

The Emir of Bauchi, Alhaji Rilwanu Suleiman Adamu, has appointed one of the kingmakers, Alhaji Lawal Muhammad Kirfi, as the new Wambai of Bauchi and District Head of Kirfi.

The appointment followed the death of his father, Alhaji Muhammadu Ladan, who passed away after a long illness.

Wambai is fourth in the hierarchy among the Kingmakers in Bauchi Emirate, after Galadima, Madaki, Sarkin Yaki, then Wambai, Ajiya and Imam.

Wambai is a council member of the emirate, and he is one of the electors of the emir. He is the one who gives the slaughtering knife to the Emir whenever a new Emir is appointed, and he too will collect the knife from the Emir when appointed too.

The new Wambai Muhammad is the 14th Wambai of Bauchi.

Alhaji Lawal Muhammad Kirfi, new Wambai of Bauchi.

After the appointment of Wambai, the Emir of Bauchi personally accompanied him to Kirfi, where he called on the people to support him in the development of the region.

Emir Rilwanu instructed Sabon Wambai and others who are close to royalty to be patient with the responsibility of the leadership of the community that God has assigned to them, to show courage and justice to their community and to be courageous in order to ensure that there is peace and stability in their areas.

He also called on the new Wambai to be honest, trust and accept advice from the people of his area in order to achieve success.

The Emir thanked the Governor of Bauchi State, Senator Bala Muhammed Abdulqadir, for his support and respect for the traditional rulers and for the development activities that his government is doing in the state.

The Chairman of the Kirfi local government area, Garba Musa, thanked the emir for his love and affection for his subjects and for the good leadership he has set for the people.

He then assured that the local government will give the new Wambai and other traditional rulers in the area all the support they need to succeed.

The new Wambai promised to work hard for the development of the area and assured that he will cooperate with the other kingmakers, council members and traditional rulers to ensure the success of their work.

Alhaji Lawal Muhammad was born in Kirfi town on 31 January 1963, and studied the Qur’an in front of the Imam of Kirfi; he attended primary school in Kirfi from 1971-1977, secondary school in Azare from 1977-1983. He went to Staff Training College Azare and worked in the Government House of Bauchi State before he went to Kaduna State Polytechnic where he obtained a Diploma in Business. Muhammad did many jobs from Junior Accountant to Senior Manager and also worked in Keystone Bank and Habib Bank.