My parents wished I got married before they died, says 92-yr-old woman who never had a boyfriend


A 29-year-old woman, Xaveline from Congo who is still single is regretting not getting married before her parents died.

Xaveline, saddened by her lonely state was born into a family of 14 children who all got married at some point and left her home alone.

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The hardworking old woman says years went by without any man approaching her for marriage.

Some of her family members are of the belief that witchcraft may have played a role in her being single.

“I lived with my parents and they always said that they are waiting for the day I would get married and give them grandchildren,” said Xaveline.

“I also wished the same, but sadly they passed away when I was still single and it seems I was too old to get a boyfriend. I was left alone and decided to join my sister who is the last born in the family,” she added.

Some family, friends, and neighbours also opine that witchcraft may have played a part in the old woman not getting married.

After the death of her parents, Xavaline moved in with her last-born sister Fatuma Justlene who was worried that the old woman would become ill and have no one to take care of her.

“It is difficult to know why may be she was unlucky or maybe life was unfair,” said Justlene.

The idea of witchcraft was, however, shut down because she was taken to traditional doctors but that didn’t work and she never got married.

The old spinster was also taken to church but prayers never worked either.

As if all that was not bad enough, Xavaline legs started swelling up a few years ago and she was in so much pain. She has been to various health facilities including the Goma hospital but they are still swollen.

Doctors have since suggested surgery yet, she doesn’t have money. She is now on painkillers.


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