Bauchi APC chieftain, Al’ameen, escapes death by whiskers

Alhaji Muhammad Sani Al'ameen.

Bauchi APC chieftain, Al’ameen, escapes death by whiskers

Story from Ahmad SAKA, Bauchi

A former Bauchi State gubernatorial aspirant under the All Progressives Congress (APC) party, Alhaji Muhammad Sani Al’ameen, escaped death by a whisker when a gunshot was fired at his car by gunmen along the Akwanga-Abuja Expressway.

Al’ameen, who narrated his ordeal to journalists in Bauchi today (Tuesday 27 September 2022), said he narrowly escaped death in the hands of the gunmen on his way to Abuja last Friday.

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He explained saying, “I was coming from Bauchi to Abuja, we were approaching Akwanga. I saw some vehicles following us closely, when I observed, I asked my driver to enter AYM Shafa filling station, the driver said we had fuel, but I insisted and we entered; we purchased little fuel and spent some minutes before we proceeded. When we reached the roundabout, the car just resurfaced again, they ambushed us, blocked our vehicle and opened fire. When I heard a shot and a bang on my car, we stopped and one of them opened our car and entered pointing his gun, and asked the driver to drive, but I said to the driver don’t move, with Allah’s help he obeyed me, refused to start the car. They were looking at the time, they seized our phones, took away my briefcase and some of our personal belongings and left (sinc).

“Probably, they were afraid because we were on the roundabout, even though they scared people away but since it was a busy road many vehicles would also come, that was what saved us.”

Al’ameen expressed shock over the shooting of his vehicle and an attempt to either assassinate or kidnap him.

“We stopped and complained to the nearby Army checkpoint, that we were fired at by some gunmen, who also took away our phones and personal belongings before we continued with our journey.”

He appealed to the federal government and other security agencies to intensify efforts to end the issue of banditry and insecurity in the country and prayed to Allah to continue to protect us.