Chigozie Okoye jailed in Brazil for killing sleeping dog


Chigozie Okoye, a Nigerian in Brazil has been jailed for intentionally killing a sleeping dog on a street in Sao Paulo.

The 46-year-old was captured on video positioning his car to deliberately kill the dog that he saw sleeping on a side of the road as he drove by.

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Police moved in when the video of the horrifying scene went viral on social media and drew widespread condemnation.

Okoye appeared in the video driving in a black car traveling along Rua Salvador de Oliveira, José Bonifácio neighborhood, in the East Zone of São Paulo.

The police arrested him for intentionally hitting and killing a lying dog in the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

He was arrested in his residence as a suspect in the hit-and-run occurrence.

The officers from the Department of Strategic Police Operations (DSPO) identified Okoye through the video as the suspect. He was taken to the police station and consequently remanded in jail.

According to the police situation report, Okoye told officers that it was an accident. But the images showed that the car stopped near the dog, which was lying on the street, reversed his car, and after a brief contemplation he accelerated and ran over the animal.

“Chigozie, after killing the dog, however, stopped, opened the car door, and observed the dog dying without rendering help. He is a monster,” a neighbor said.

The 17-year-old dog named “Big” was taken to a veterinary emergency but died.

The animal’s owner, Laiza Alves said that she arrived home in the morning as she works at dawn and left the gate open.

She said, “The Nigerian deserves a life sentence to have intentionally killed a lovely dog in the community. He is a monster.”



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