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How Civilian JTF launched counter-attack, killed scores of terrorists in Borno (Video)


How Civilian JTF launched counter-attack, killed scores of terrorists in Borno (Video)

Boko haram fighters on Tuesday reportedly attacked army personnel along Maiduguri-Gamboru Ngala Road in Borno State and seized one of their vehicles while the remaining soldiers fled.

However, it was gathered that luck ran out for the criminals, when the Civilian Joint Task Force (JTF) boys around that place, all natives of that area who volunteered to fight back the Boko Haram terrorists that have grounded all economic activities and killed thousands of their people, came out and chased after the terrorists to their forest enclave.

The Civilian JTF group sponsored by the state government with logistics and vehicles followed the Boko haram terrorists into the bush and launched a counter-attack in which they killed over 20 Boko Haram terrorists, and recovered 13 rifles, ammunition, and plenty of motorcycles from them.

In a viral video, the brave Civilian JTF volunteers were seen celebrating their victory in this battle with Boko Haram.

Some of the Nigerian Army personnel that earlier escaped came to join the JTF men to celebrate after the battle was won.

A resident of Gamboru Ngala town in the state, Bulama Mohammed Umar, expressed concern over the manner in which the Nigerian military personnel sent to flush out the criminal elements in the area often chicken out in the face of such attacks only for the military to claim the glory any time the Civilian JTF brave up and defeat the enemies.

“Definitely, as usual, tomorrow morning you will see the Nigerian Army solely taking the glory and declaring victory in this very battle on the front pages of Nigerian Newspapers and reports of the victory will be sent to the army headquarters and the President without even mentioning the name of the civilian JTF who came to the rescue, fought and won the battle,” one of the JTF members said.

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  1. Mahd b. Abdulsalam says

    That’s exactly what is happening if CJTF voluntarily come out in mass and confronted the BH and killed them and recover a weapon from BH next hear or read in a national newspaper is NA has killed the scores of BH and recover alot of weapons without mentioning CJTF names.
    But we know they are working with army as a team but are they going out together with CJTF? NO! Only staying in town enjoying them self…

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