Kannywood actress, group members dumped in prison in Niger Republic


Kannywood actress, group members dumped in prison in Niger Republic

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Mubarak Abdulkareem, popularly known as 442 in the Kannywood film industry and his group, have been arrested and dumped in a prison in the Niger Republic. They were accused of espionage activities.

442 and his group members which include his manager, Safara’u, formally of Kwana Casa’in, and Murja Ibrahim were recently declared wanted by Kano State Films and Censorship Board over their reckless activities of dancing hip-hop music half naked, but they have since escaped to Lagos for a soft landing.

Murja Ibrahim Kunya in a message in Kano narrated how Mubarak Abdulkareem, alias 442, his manager and some members of their group travelled to the Niger Republic to obtain a passport so that they can travel abroad, but because they are celebrities and well-known, they were easily identified by security agencies and sent to prison pending proper investigation.

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“Recently, some lawyers petitioned the Kano State Films and Censorship Board over our activities in social media, we were declared wanted, but before we were lucky, we escaped to Lagos and were put up in a hotel, later we contacted some people in Kano who intervened on our behalf and the case against us was dropped. I returned to Kano and continued with my social media activities but in a decent manner”, Murja said.

When Neptune Prime’s correspondent contacted officials of Kano State Films and Censorship Board, they said they were aware of the development but would not intervene because the 442 group have just been declared wanted recently and the case is not over, as such they would not allow them to create bad diplomatic relations between Nigeria and Niger Republic.

“Let them face the music”, the officials said.


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