A poem on the theme: “A United Nigeria”, by Fatima Garba Yusuf (A.Y.M)


A poem on the theme: “A United Nigeria”, by Fatima Garba Yusuf (A.Y.M)

Sorely, she limps
On broken limbs.
Dazed, she fumbles,
Voicing grumbles!

“Naija,” I call,
“How come you crawl?”
Squinting, she turns.
She sighs and yawns!

“My dear, I’m worn!
My grace is gone…
When I was once
A sparkling lance!”

“But why?” I say,
Stopping a neigh.
“I’m torn, you see…”
She says to me!

“My kids have grown,
No longer mown.
But now, they tear
Each others’ ear!

“They curse and fight
With all their might
While foes unite
In day and night!”

“Were they the ones
That burnt your lawns?”
I ask, eyes down.
Her greens were brown!

“Indeed, they did.
My cash, some hid.
Many a larve
Was left to starve!”

I feel her pain
And ask again,
“So, what’s your wish?
Select a niche.”

“I want my peace.
And piece-by-piece,
In sun and rain,
Unite again.”

I share her hope.
Let’s hold that rope,
And make Naija
One Nigeria!

I turn to her,
“O Dear Mother,
I wish one day,
Tears go away!

“I hope to see
My nation’s bee
Befriend the fly
Without a cry!

“Let light disperse
Naija’s darkness.
The Sun will shine
On me and mine!

“Let Justice rule
Naija in full.
No more, no less
In all fairness!”

“Aha!” She sighs,
“Your views are nice.
I wish that heads
Will sleep in beds!

“Calmly, without
Fear of a tout.
So peace will reign
In light and rain!

“Pillars shall stand
In every land
For school and health
And booming wealth!

“If all unite
For what is right
And make Naija
One Nigeria!”

Fatima Garba Yusuf (A.Y.M), is a 21-year old Undergraduate of Chemical Engineering, Poet and self-published creative writer of “Shirk in Disguise” and “Financial Rollercoaster”
She can be reached via
EMAIL: faym2001@gmail.com
CONTACT NO.: +2348157383680






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