Nigeria one again, by Rita Andrawus


Nigeria one again, by Rita andrawus

My timeless and ageless fatherland
I am full of boundless gratitude
I am indebted for shaping me aright
From a toddler to a tall stand-alone
You are indeed my timeless pride
I am saddened by your limping state
And darkened by your repelling color
What happened to your glowing beauty
How did you get a semi-terminal illness
From the devil’s unpalatable Homefront
Why should the devil ever succeed at all
This major sickness saddens me lotly
When will the captivity and bondage go
Fellow countrymen of common bloodline
We must embrace our unity of purpose
And sink away divisions into the Atlantic
Unity strengthens our resolve to succeed
In unity we score, standing aloof we collapse

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The onus now rests entirely on everyone of us
We are fed up with endless drumbeats of war
Fellow siblings let’s restore our cherished pride
Working hard, praying hard and finding the way
The age-long indivisible way of our forebears
Where freedom and justice rule the waves
A secure home where milk & honey flow again
A nation where brotherhood is restored
A country where prosperity flourishes for all
A nation where leaders are held accountable
A nation where farms become evergreen again
A nation where livestock are secure again
A new Nigeria where lives are shielded
An exemplary fountain for all and sundry.

ARAS-RITA ANDRAWUS STEPHEN is from Pakka village Adamawa State, Nigeria. The 19 year old author has written over 40 different publications and co-authored over 20 different International anthologies. She is an award winning writer in 2021 in Festival of Literature, culture and Creativity by HalimaFactor Community Initiative, Gombe state.