CPC shows how relations based on amity win out over exploitation


CPC shows how relations based on amity win out over exploitation

China’s relations with Africa will grow even stronger under the country’s leadership elected during the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Nigerian media figures say.

Representatives of the media industry in Africa’s most populous country say the CPC has never stopped evolving to better serve the people.

“The relationship between Africa and China will become stronger,” said Hassan Gimba, the publisher of Neptune Prime. China, unlike some Western countries that base their relations with Africa on exploitation, has become a real friend for Africa, he said.

“China’s interest is not exploitation, but underpins a relationship that will make a country grow out its illiteracy, poverty and become really independent. The West will do its best to see that it brainwashes African countries to think that China is exploiting them,” he said.
The CPC is not interested in imposing its system on other countries, he said, adding that the CPC has kept adapting so it suits development and progress.

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And that’s why China’s economy grew to be about the strongest in the world. China will not, based on its experience, impose its views of communism on any country,” Gimba said. “They will rather give you some ideas.”
He said the strong relationship between China and Africa will never go down well with Western countries because it continues to be regarded as a threat to their own exploitative relations with the continent.
In reference to the 20th National Congress of the CPC held in October, Michael Olugbode, a journalist from ThisDay Newspaper said: “I saw a party that would stop at nothing to continue to modify and modernize for the good of its people. And that would continue to tell the rest of the world that this system still remains the best for the people.”
Olugbode said socialism in China is evolving and adapting. “At the congress, the CPC showed that there are other brands of democracy that need not be in synchrony with Western beliefs.”
China has proved to be the development friend of many African countries, and it has showed continued interest in intensifying the cooperation with the continent, said Olugbode.
“China wants to reinforce the Belt and Road Initiative, so many nations will participate in joint development. Africa will benefit not only from this, but also from the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, which is also going to be reinforced to assist countries on the continent to break the shackles of backwardness, and to assist in infrastructural development.”

Culled from China Daily Global.
Bukola Ogunsuna is a freelance journalist for China Daily in Abuja, Nigeria.


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