My husband fails to satisfy me on bed – woman tells court


My husband fails to satisfy me on bed – woman tells court

One Imma Wole has dragged his wife, Olu, to court over what he claimed to be troubling dispositions of his significant other.

Imma told Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, that Olu is an insolent and troublesome character who finds joy in treating him with scorn in public and also pick fights with their neighbours.

The court has since adjourned hearing the divorce suit instituted by Imma.

Imma, who told the court he was tired of living under the same roof with Olu because there was no more love between them, pleaded with the court to restrain his wife from harassing and threatening him.

Olu agreed to a divorce, stating that Imma and his family had not allowed her to know peace since they got married.

The defendant stated that she had been enduring their marriage because her husband lacked sexual prowess and has failed to satisfy her in the bedroom.

Imma’s testimony went thus: “My lord, I am no longer in love with my wife. I pray this honourable court to dissolve our union.

“Olu has no respect for me. She rubs shoulders with me in the home and flouts my orders at will.

“My wife is in the habit of leaving the home without my consent and would leave no clue about her whereabouts.

“Olu would sometimes be away from home for a week or more and would fail to give any convincing explanation when she returns.

“She raises her voice at me any time I show my displeasure at her misbehaviour and will sometimes fight me.

“My lord, my wife once slapped me during an argument and showed no sign of remorse even when our relatives mediated in our differences.

“Olu does not limit her rude behaviour to the home. She also insults and humiliates me in the public.

“Our neighbours are also not spared. She extends her hostile nature to them and fights them at every given opportunity, thus making the compound rowdy every now and then.

“My wife has turned me into a source of ridicule in our compound and neighbourhood. People now jeer at me any time I pass.

“My lord, I no longer want Olu under my roof.

“I entreat the court to restrain her from harassing or threatening me at home or in the office.”

Olu responding to Imma’s testimony said, “My lord, I have endured our marriage enough. I agree that Imma and I part ways.

“My husband and his family members have refused to let me have rest of mind. His family members never ceased to interfere in our affairs.

“Imma and I are always at loggerheads because he has failed to carry out his marital responsibility towards me.

“I am not happy in our marriage because my husband’s sexual prowess is zero. He has failed to satisfy me in bed.”

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, adjourned the case after she had heard both parties.


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