G5 Governors’ preferred presidential candidate will be man of integrity – Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike

G5 Governors’ preferred presidential candidate will be man of integrity – Wike

The governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Wike, claims that the only presidential candidate that he and his political allies will back is someone who has been found to have integrity, keeps his word, and won’t back out of any deal that has been negotiated.

Wike made the comments on Wednesday in Rumuji-Odegwe town, where the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of Rivers State flagged off its campaign in the state’s Emohua local government area.

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The governor urged state officials, including Ohna Sergeant Awuse, who said party loyalists in the state were eagerly awaiting guidance on the presidential election, to maintain their patience until the choice of the desired presidential candidate was made.

“Chief Awuse declared that we are sick of waiting. Yes, we are sick and tired of waiting. But do not fret. You have shown patience. We won’t take your patience for granted. Soon, the bell will sound. When you hear the bell, pay attention to where it is coming from and follow instructions, he advised.

“We will teach these vampires and buccaneers a lesson, I can tell you of that. We’ll let everyone know that Rivers State is significant, despite what they may have said. We will play with you if you play with us. We will play with them if they play with us. It’s enough already.

So let me apologise and beg Ohna, Nne-New-Eli Emohua Local Government, please wait; the time is almost up. You’ll find out shortly, and I can guarantee them that there’s no turning back.

The governor made the case that the state had what it takes to withstand individuals he referred to as buccaneers and vampires who already make a living by trading people’s morals for pottage.

Speaking about the PDP’s nominee for governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminialayi Fubara, Wike asserted that Fubara had served in his administration, was informed about how government functions, and was running to build on the successes already achieved.

In order to finalise the contract award for the dualization of the Emohua by East-West Road to Tema in the Asari-Toru LGA, the governor and Fubara announced that they had set a meeting with Julius Berger Nigeria PLC. In addition to other initiatives his government has completed in the Emohua Local Government Area, this, according to him, would be added.

He added that the Emohua Secondary School, which his predecessor’s administration had destroyed, is currently being rebuilt.

The Isiodu road, Rumuodogo one and two roads, Elele-Alimini internal roads, the nearby Rivers State University campus, the Eba-Isiokpo road, and the Akpabu -Odido road are among the additional projects completed in the region by Wike’s government.


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