I’ll return to Kannywood – Actress, Zainab Indomie


I’ll return to Kannywood – Actress, Zainab Indomie

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Popular Kannywood actress, Zainab Abdullahi Indomie, has revealed in a statement that she has decided to accept the advice of her ex-lover, brother, friend and manager, Adam A. Zango, to return to Kannywood.

She said: “Our days was one of the best in Kannywood, then we mostly concentrated well on our skills. When I was still active I was involved in the production of successful Hausa Films like Garin da Nisa, Romio da Juliet, Yar Agadez, Adon Gari, Kundin Tsari, Zuri’a, Bana Bakwai, Sani Nake So”.

Zainab, who is a Fulani, from Abuja joined Kannywood over ten (10) years ago when some producers including Adam Zango and Ali Nuhu gave her a lift from Abuja to Kaduna. They later sought her opinion whether she will join Kannywood since she was young and beautiful and she accepted the offer and went into series of successful Hausa Film Productions with Adam Zango as her manager, colleague and financer.

After a while, she fell in love with Adam Zango and was arranging to get married but she later disappeared and was nowhere to be found. She was later traced by several entertainment papers to Abuja where she was making preparations to marry the late Minister of Works, Hassan Lawal, from Keffi but this did not happen as Hassan Lawal died and Zainab was indisposed for a long time due to sickness.

Since then, she has gone underground except two weeks ago when she re-appeared in Kano and announced that Adam Zango has decided to bring her back into Kannywood to continue acting, singing, for his several production company. She has since relocated to Kano and visited several production companies, including FKD owned by Kannywood King, Ali Nuhu.

It is now official from her and Adam Zango that she is back into acting and decided to leave marriage to whenever God destined it. According to her, it is now business because she wants to rehabilitate her life.


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