Rahama Sadau, Ali Nuhu, Rosy Meurer, others star in Netflix Hausa TV series


Rahama Sadau, Ali Nuhu, Rosy Meurer, others star in Netflix Hausa TV series

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

Prominent actors and actresses in Kano led by Ali Nuhu and Rahama Sadau have featured in a Netflix Hausa TV series, aimed at educating people about the culture and way of life of an ordinary Northerner.

The Plan is a Limited Series which portrays the culture of northern Nigeria while taking into consideration the large audience in Africa and the world by allowing the characters to speak both Hausa and English.

Sefyna Mohammed, one of the Executive Producers of The Plan told the Media that the Series is the first Hausa movie on Netflix where all the executive producers are from the north.

She said their target was to have the TV series streamed on Netflix and which they achieved.

According to her, the key message in the movie is loyalty and trust.

“I am so excited because the movie was supposed to be out in 2021”, but we finally made it now she stated.

Rosaline Meurer Churchill, one of the key characters in the movie series said when she was contacted to feature in the movie, she was excited because the producer, Rahama Sadau, is her good friend.

“When I was contacted to star in the movie, I felt very excited. First of all, Rahama Sadau, is my very good friend, when she called me, I was in Ghana, and funny enough, in this movie I was pregnant but I didn’t know, the journey was sweet and sour like not knowing that you are pregnant and you have to go through all these stress.

“I was so excited when Sadau called me because I have not done a northern movie before. I feel so good to see the movie on Netflix.

“The main message is trust, don’t trust friends easily, don’t trust anyone, anything you want to do just do it yourself, trust is one thing that once it is broken, you can’t fix”, she stated.

Rahama Sadau, actress and the producer of the TV series said she is excited because it is the first time her movie as a producer is going on Netflix, “and it is a northern show, it means a lot to me, I am excited and I can’t wait for the audience to see the movie”, she said.

Sadau said The Plan means a lot to her and it shows that northerners are now telling their stories by themselves.

“The movie means a lot to the northern Nigeria, it means that we are now telling our stories to the global audience and rather than just telling our stories to ourselves, not just the northern Nigeria, but Nollywood as a whole because any movie on a platform like this deserves an acknowledgement”, she noted.

Ali Nuhu who also starred in the movie said he played the role of Alhaji, who the whole story is revolving around.

He said when he was contacted to be part of the movie series, he read the script briefly and declared interest to participate because of several reasons.

“After reading the scripts, before I could even finish, I just zeroed my mind and said I have to be in that movie because many factors were involved. First of all, I like the storyline, there is suspense in it and intrigue, secondly, I like the setting, it is a typical northern setting which is rare to come by. Lastly, I have a very cordial relationship with Rahama, she is like my junior sister.

“I am proud of the project because it turned out that the final product that I saw is more than what I anticipated, I never thought it was going to be this big. I think it is the one that will affect northern Nigeria because we need the audience of northern Nigeria to be on a platform like this to see their own kind of thing, we need the globe generally to see the culture we have in northern Nigeria”, he said.