65-year-old woman dies after robbers gang-raped her


65-year-old woman dies after robbers gang-raped her

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

A 65-year-old woman has died after a gang of men broke into her home in Kaduna State and raped her multiple times.

The deceased’s son who is a Corp member identified simply as Ahmed with the handle @KingAhmed26, took to Twitter to share the devastating news.

On the night of the robbery attack, Ahmed put out a series of alarming messages on Twitter elaborating how his mother contacted him with panic that some people were attempting to break into her home.

In his quest to seek help for his mother who lives miles away in Kaduna, he tagged the police calling on them to come to her rescue because he couldn’t do much since he was in another state serving his country.

Unfortunately, his cry for help fell on deaf ears, as he received no response or assistance from the police. He later revealed that his mother had been gang-raped and was in the hospital and later died.

The heartbroken young man wrote: “I’ve wrestled with what to write after the shocking and sad news that we have lost my mum after she was raped multiple times by some hoodlums reached me, I am short of words, I am heartbroken, I am shaking, and my whole world has finally come to an end.

“I am begging Kaduna State Governor even if the lives of the citizens don’t matter to you, please just this one time I am begging. This is a woman that just retired and should be resting please I am begging. I have been on the run from my state for a while now because of the attempt on my life, my mum needs to be moved to Kogi for burial as that has always been her wish. Literally, I can’t pay my mum last respect because of fear for my life”.


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