My husband beat up my father, destroyed my business


A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has adjourned till March 30, further hearing on a divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Tawakalitu Hassan against her husband, Ganiyu Hassan.

Tawakalitu, in her suit, pleaded with the court to stop the relationship between her and Ganiyu because he was a brute and always seeking every opportunity to beat and leave injuries on her.

She stated that her husband extended his brutish behavior towards her father whom he beat to trash.

Tawakalitu further said that Ganiyu was irresponsible and abandoned his function as the breadwinner in the home.

According to her, her husband wrecked her business and left her to live from hand to mouth.

The complainant prayed the court put two of their four children in his custody and mandate him to be responsible for the welfare of their four children.

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She further pleaded for an order of perpetual injunction restraining her husband from threatening or interfering in her personal life.

Ganiyu agreed that their union is dissolved.
The defendant pleaded not guilty when the claims were read to him.

Tawakalitu, giving her evidence said: “My lord, my husband has humiliated me enough which is one of the reasons I am pleading that you dissolve our marriage.

“He pretended to be a gentleman when we met and I got caught in his trap because he impregnated me.

“I had no other choice but to start living with him.

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“No marital rites were carried out on my behalf and he didn’t pay my bride price.

“I realized I made a big mistake getting myself impregnated by my husband and I knew I had to face the music alone.

“My husband is a brute and derived pleasure in beating me. He beat me at every given opportunity and made my life miserable. The scars all over my body bear witness to this.

“I spent my hard-earned money treating myself at the hospital every time he descended on me with heavy blows and this ate dip into my savings.

“I moved out of his house after we had our second child and lived separately from him for months because he refused that I had rest of mind.

“He came with his parents and pleaded that I returned home saying that he was repentant.

“I initially refused, but later gave in to his plea after much pressure from his parents.

“My lord, I regret acceding to my husband’s request because he became more reckless after I went back to him.

“We had two other children after we were reconciled and he began to humiliate me in their presence.

“My husband would beat me blue-black and then tear off my dress thus leaving me stark naked in the stare of our children and neighbors.

“We wake our neighbors up with our fight almost all the time and they naturally got fed up with us.

My husband failed in playing his role as the breadwinner. He never gave me and our children money for food and left us to starve.

“I fed and clothed him and our children and likewise met all other needs, but he wrecked my business at the end of the day as a result of his unreasonable demands of me.

“I moved out of his house again after he beat and almost killed our child.

“Ganiyu descended on me with punches for rescuing our child from his hands.

“My lord, my husband became ruthless after our first appearance in court.

“He stormed my father’s house, beat and almost killed him for daring to come to court with me in my pursuit of divorce.

“I don’t want to have anything to do with my husband again. He has wrecked my life.

“I, therefore, pray this court to end our wedlock and rule that he has custody of two of our children.

“I also entreat the court to mandate my husband to be responsible for all our children’s upkeep, giving priority to their education and healthcare.

“My lord, I further appeal that my husband is refrained from threatening and interfering with my private life.”

The court president, Mrs. S.M Akintayo adjourned the case for further hearing.


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