Adamawa residents call for data system upgrade in commercial banks


Adamawa residents call for data system upgrade in commercial banks

Story from Usman IBRAHIM, Yola

Some residents of Adamawa State have appealed to commercial banks within the state to upgrade their data systems to ease customers stress when carrying out online banking transactions.

The residents said that this was to make for effective service delivery as well as to encourage cashless transactions in the state and country at large.

Some of the residents made the appeal in an interview with newsmen in Yola.

Malam Hayyatudeen Muhammad, a businessman expressed his appreciation to the federal government and Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the cashless policy and for redesigning old notes.

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According to him, cashless tractions is a clean business that promotes business and reduces the risk of robbers as well as carrying huge amounts for deposits to the banks.

He added that since the issues of swapping old banknotes with new notes started, the issues of network problems also started which creates more challenges for customers.

He said that there was a need for banks to upgrade their data system to make for seamless financial operations.

Malama Aisha Suleiman, another resident explained that customers were finding it difficult to access online banking transactions.

According to her, even if they went to an ATM, people were not getting cash easily like they used to.

She said if banks upgrade their systems, customers would be happy and they would not have pressure from customers.

“I believe if they work hard this will reduce the suffering of people moving from one bank to another or from one PoS points to another”, she said.

Mr Usman Muktar, a civil servant also joined his voice to the call for the system upgrade.

According to him, he spent a day transferring money from his bank to a friend, and this caused him sleepiness night to be able to make the transaction.

“We understand that there is a lot of traffic on the system due to the scarcity of banknotes in town.

“And the other challenge is that even if you succeed in transferring money to someone successfully, it is hard for him to get the alert on time for confirmation”, he said.

The naira redesign policy of the CBN has been greeted with criticisms by many Nigerians who have faced hardship trying to access the new notes that most consider very scarce, as the February 10 dateline approved by the CBN when old notes will cease to be legal tenders draws near.


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