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Goje’s pursuit of altruistic action, by Kasim Isa Muhammad


Goje’s pursuit of altruistic action, by Kasim Isa Muhammad

The Yobe State Emergency Management Agency is well-known for its steadfast role in representing the state government towards moving on determining a sensational contribution.

It has also developed into a bedrock of rerouting the lives of less fortunate and needy citizens who had a narrow story of being duplicated from their means of living by the subject of natural disaster, war, or economic inflation.

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It took a year of work under the supervision of various management teams before Dr. Mohammed Goje was put in charge as the agency’s executive secretary by His Excellency Hon. Mai Mala Buni, where Goje addresses problems in several crucial areas of human-responsive activities and ensures, generally, a prosperous community.

The Yobe State Emergency Management Agency, which is led by Goje, has made several achievements that are widely acknowledged for their contribution to reorganizing livelihoods by inspecting and executing the actualized essentials that are in high demand. Goje also put in a tireless effort to enjoy himself in the state’s local communities, which allowed him to complete his task effectively and without sabotage.

In addition, Goje discovers the most secure method of battling disaster or melding some specific obstacles that typically occur as a result of climate change, proving himself to be a man of the job after several records of dealing with the inappropriate bounce of starvation among Boko Haram crises victims, complex diseases, and flooding in Yobe state.

Moreover, Goje’s roles continue to serve as a steadfast illustration of a leader who works together with the government to ensure that the people have reaped the benefits of their labor. What I’m trying to say is that Dr. Goje adheres to a code of ethics based on humanitarianism, which includes the idea of establishing clear pathways to support any industry.

Most time, he worked with international organizations for humanitarian affairs to find solutions to problems involving Yobe state’s future in the context of current security challenges, a weakened economy, and population growth, while the results of his efforts continued to manifest themselves as a shield against what was perceived as destruction.

When the Corona Virus pandemic was in full swing, Yobe state was one of the states that managed to maintain hybrid stability by giving consistent support, giving out things to the less fortunate, enforcing reasonable restrictions, and cooperating with the Agency to take part in protective phases for the spread of Covid-19 around the common localities of the states. Dr. Goje has taken significant action against Covid-19 since the agency remained dedicated to providing food items, clothing materials, awareness programs, and prompt replies to anyone seeking attention during the Covid-19 dominance in practically every area of the Yobe state.

Not only has flooding in the state raised concerns about the Covid-19 disease, but it has also drawn the sensitive attention of the Yobe state government and its agency. Dr. Goje was praised for his tireless service throughout the investigation. Finding a notable individual who can complete all tasks simultaneously deserves to be recognized as being outstanding.

The goal is to highlight a deserving individual who is not to be underestimated. The state and its citizens are supportive of an individual’s initiatives and creative suggestions that aim to improve society, and Dr. Goje unquestionably has it all.

Kasim Isa Muhammad wrote from Potiskum, Yobe State.

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