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KACRAN urges Nigerians to shun electoral violence


KACRAN urges Nigerians to shun electoral violence

The national president of Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), Honourable Khalil Mohd, has called on Nigerians to shun electoral violence.

In a statement signed by the national president, Mohd, noted that while Nigerians exercise their franchise in electing the candidates of their choice they should put the interest of the country’s peace, unity and development in mind during the elections.

The national president therefore advises for calm as they await the declaration of results by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

The statement reads, “As millions of registered Nigerians cast their votes based on their political inclinations or candidates of their choice, we members of Kulen Allah Cattle Rearers Association of Nigeria (KACRAN), who sensitized our members on the importance of peaceful active participation in the elections under reference, we strongly wish to call on our fellow Nigerians for the interest of peace, unity, and development of our fatherland to avoid any act of violence at this very time when Nigerians and the entire world is eagerly/patiently waiting for INEC’s declaration of the result.

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“As we severally said, KACRAN is purposely registered with a specific objective to bring permanent peace and unity between Herders and their fellow brother’s Farmers who are partners in progress, as a result of which the peace-loving association always paid serious attention to any issue related to the peace, unity, and development of our beloved country.

“KACRAN painfully observed that there are quite several unpatriotic politicians who usually and shamefully instigate our youths by luring them with worldly things to partake in all forms of heinous electoral violence, that are very dangerous to the unity and development of our dear country.

“KACRAN also noticed that even now Nigeria is bedeviled with numerous security challenges which are directly affecting our people in many parts of the country, as a result of which we don’t need any additional conflicts.

“There is nothing more important in the entire nation, Nigeria inclusive, than peace, which is the bedrock for nation-building.

“Once more, KACRAN as the ardent preacher of peace and Nigeria’s unity, want to draw the attention of our youths to know or wisely remember that, the future of Nigeria belongs to our youths, so they should avoid any politician who out of political aggrandizement will try to delude them to barbarically destroy their future and of their only country.

“And for the bad eggs politicians, who have nothing to offer, or present to Nigerians to win their support, who always resorts to deceiving our innocent youths to commit all sorts of political violence by maiming, wounding, and sometimes killing innocent Nigerians just to help them rig elections to emerge victorious in the election which they are not the rightful winners.

“As a result of which they use to end their stollen tenure ship without even being useful to themselves, talkless of the general community whom they are supposed to serve with honesty and a high degree of seniority, because in many instances, those youths who help them in stealing other people’s mandates are the first people that the said corrupt and dubious politicians would fight.

“In the same vein, we call on our youths to be fully aware that, if the nation’s peace and unity are sterilized they are the main losers.

“Since they can only be able to attend schools or any skills acquisition training centers if there is peace in the country, they would only be employed if there is peace in their localities, towns, or country.

“They would only get food to eat if there is peace that would allow them to go out freely/unhesitatingly to work.

“They better know that our corrupt politicians whose children are in the most expensive universities abroad have everything they need in their houses which they illegitimately earned, which means that, even if, there is no peace in the country, or during the lockdown, they have all they need in their rooms contrary to our poor youths who and their parents must go out on daily basis to work for their survival as we stated before.

“At the same time, we want to strongly warn our corrupt politicians to know that, they will never continue deceiving our youths and other good Nigerians just to maintain their political positions or win elections through do-or-die affair.

“And they most clearly know that, even if they maintain or win elections through violence and corrupt practices they will never enjoy it or will enjoy it for a very short period, before finally facing the ugly consequences of their bad did in the world and the hereafter.

“We want our selfish politicians to know that anybody that usurps the mantle of leadership without people’s conscience, will never be accorded the due respect that goes with the position under discussion.

“And the worth of all, he is setting a bad precedence for our younger generation, by wrongly and embarrassingly showing them that, power would also be gotten through curiosity and other numerous activities instead of through a genuine democratic process that is acceptable worldwide.

“We also want to draw their attention to what had happened to many power mongers or tyrant leaders in the world who got power extra judicially and ended up with the highest embarrassment or loss of their lives

“They should also note that no nation would be built through leaders who got power by instigating their youths to kill their opponents, inflict wounds on them, or destroy their properties.

“Given the above-mentioned ugly consequences and they alike, associated with electoral violence, we passionately appeal to remain calm and peaceful at this very time of waiting for the outcome of today’s general elections to enable the country with the ongoing process up to the level of the peaceful election of our governors and the members of our states assemblies.”

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