Iran’s cereal output rose 26% in 2022 – FOA


Iran’s cereal output rose 26% in 2022 – FOA

Latest figures by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of United Nations show that cereal production in Iran rose by more than a fourth in 2022.

The figures covered in a Tuesday report by the official IRNA news agency were taken from the Crop Prospects and Food Situation, a quarterly report by the UN food agency which was released earlier this month.

The figures showed that Iran had produced an estimated 20.6 million metric tons (mt) of cereals last year, up 26% form 2021.

They indicated that Iran’s cereal stocks had reached 12.4 million mt in 2022, up 5.9% from the previous year.

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Iran, the world’s 18th most populous country, ranked eighth globally last year in terms of the size of cereal stocks, showed the UN food agency report.

Tables in the quarterly report showed that Iran had produced 13 million mt of wheat last year, up from 10.1 million mt in 2021.

Rice paddy production in Iran increased by half a million mt year on year last year to reach 3.5 million mt while coarse grains output in the country reached 4.1 million mt from 3.2 million mt reported in 2021.

Forecasts by FAO showed that Iran’s cereal production will reach over 20.4 million mt in 2023 while stocks would drop slightly to 12.2 million mt.

Iran has introduced measures to ensure its population would have proper access to food supplies amid a global food crunch caused by the war in Ukraine and amid sanctions imposed by the United States which has affected trade between Iran and other countries.


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