Junior police officers demand ACP’s exit from office after retirement (Video)


Junior police officers demand ACP’s exit from office after retirement (Video)

A viral video has hit the internet showing some junior police officers disrespectfully shouting at an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) to leave the office following his retirement.

The development was confirmed by The Eagle Online via a Police Situation Report, with the Officer’s details revealed.

According to sources, the ACP, identified as Joe Dan Arumse, Commander of the 23 Police Mobile Force, Lagos State, was said to have retired on March 15, 2023, but rather than graciously handover to his deputy and vacate the office, he had sat tight and allegedly continued to handle cases.

In the video, Arumse was seen on a chair with his leg placed on another, going through documents.

The junior officers were heard saying that they had been waiting impatiently for his retirement and could not understand why he was delayed leaving.

Since he did not want to leave of his own accord, the men decided to move, stressing that he was not nice to them.

The policemen were heard on the video saying: “Oga, get out of this office.

“You’re no longer one of us.

“When you were here, you were not behaving to us, and we have been looking forward to a day like this.

“Yes, we’ve been waiting for you to retire.

“We have been managing till your retirement.

“Get out of this office.

“It is no more your office.

“Where are these boys, come and move his things out.”

The ACP repeatedly tried to explain to him, but was rudely shut down.

It was also gathered that following the due retirement date, which was March 15, 2023, a Police Signal had gone out, instructing that all retired PMF Commanders should hand over to their deputy, but Arumse failed to comply.

A police source said: “Arumse was reported to have failed to hand over to his Second-in-Command.

“I called to warn him of the dire consequences of his non-compliance with the directive to all the retiring Commanders and his shameless failure to hand over to his 2i/c.”

Watch the video below:


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