I am now a divorcee – Safiya Chalawa


I am now a divorcee – Safiya Chalawa

Story from Saleh INUWA, Kano

This year’s Ramadan fasting is coming on a sad note for Adam Zango as his wife Safiya Chalawa has just announced that their marriage has packed up.

According to her, she has since packed her properties and relocated back to her parents in Birnin Kebbi.

She said: “Adam Zango is not somebody a woman can live with peacefully. How can somebody at his age marry seven (7) women with seven children from different mothers.

“Women who have never associated with him will think that Adam is the best husband in this world, but you need to enter his house to know that he is only a joker and a playboy.

“Before my parents allowed me to marry him he was subjected to swearing by the holy Qur’an that he will never divorce me. Our wedding was so colourful in Kebbi State, only for me to discover that he was married to seven wives and had seven children.

“He never buys food stuff for us, even our daughter he has never bought pampers for her. He is always out of the house enjoying himself with his friends, in fact any woman thinking of marrying Zango must be in fool’s paradise.

“His parents never liked me, his family members never liked me and he is not a family man at all. The day we separated he announced it on social media and embarrassed everybody in my family.

“Honestly, I have never seen something like this. Initially I decided to give him time but now I’m on my own having my own business in Kano and Kebbi State. I learnt that he is in another relationship and as far as I am concerned he can go to hell”.