Your money is yours and the country’s resources are for everyone’, student’s experience in Hamburg


‘Your money is yours and the country’s resources are for everyone’, student’s experience in Hamburg

One of my colleagues in Hamburg arranged a welcome session for me in a restaurant. When we entered the restaurant, we noticed that many of the tables were empty, and there was a small table on which a young couple sat, who had only two dishes and two cans of drinks in front of them.

I was wondering if this simple meal could be romantic and what would the girl say about her husband’s stinginess. A few older ladies were sitting aside.

Our colleague ordered food, we were hungry, so we asked for more. Since the restaurant was quiet, the food arrived quickly. We didn’t spend much time eating and when we left there was about a third of the food left on our plates.

We had barely reached the door of the restaurant when a voice called us. We noticed the old ladies talking about us to the owner of the restaurant, and when they spoke to us we understood that they were upset about us wasting so much leftover food.

My colleague answered them: “We have paid for the food that we ordered, so why do you interfere with what does not concern you?

One of the women looked at us with great anger and went to the phone and summoned someone. After a while, a man in uniform arrived who introduced himself as an officer from the Social Insurance Institution and issued us a fine of 50€.

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We all kept silent.

My colleague took out the 50€ he gave and apologized to the employee. The officer said in a firm tone: “Ask for the amount of food you can consume. The money is yours, but the resources are for everyone.

There are many others in the world who are facing a lack of resources. You have no reason to waste resources.”

Our faces blushed, but in the end, we agreed with him. We need to think about this issue to change our bad habits. My colleague photographed the ticket and gave a copy to each of us as a souvenir.

“The money is yours…but the resources belong to everyone.”
The month of Ramadan is coming, and we are the first to implement this matter.

Thanks to those who read the message and shared it to educate others not to be extravagant and save blessings.

(‘Eat and drink, and do not be extravagant, for He does not love the extravagant”. Qur’an))

Make it a message to your loved ones to correct concepts, especially in the Iftar banquet in the month of Ramadan.

Culled from Alwatan website.


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