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Al-Ansar Radio: When sycophancy takes centre stage, by Hamza Suleiman 


Al-Ansar Radio: When sycophancy takes center stage, by Hamza Suleiman 

The Management of Al-Ansar Radio Station and other media organizations were reported to have gone on a visit to the Governor of Borno State, Prof. Babagana Zulum .

In the course of their conversation, the Governor complained that a particular programme of the radio station, AREWA INA MAFITA, has been very critical of his administration and for that he was going to close down the station.

Shaken to the bones by the Governor’s threat, the quisling Manager of the station, there and then, decided to throw the presenter of the programme, Adamu Aliyu Ngulde, under the bus!

Speaking in Hausa language while responding to the Governor, the Station Manager said: “Your Excellency, Kayi Hakuri; ai ba Dan gari bane. Ba namu bane shiyasa”. Translated loosely: Please don’t be angry. The presenter is a non-indigene (of Borno State).

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Satisfied with the plea by notable individuals, the Governor relaxed the order to close down the station.

On getting back to office, the Management of Al-Ansar Radio promptly wrote a dismissal letter to the hapless presenter of the popular programme, AREWA INA MAFITA, Mr Ngulde.

Ngulde who was simply doing his job as professional journalist with the radio station just got married some weeks ago.

He has now been thrown to the job market for just doing his job the way he understood it.

AREWA INA MAFITA is a popular radio programme that draws a wide listenership in and around Borno State.

The question hanging on the lips of many is why would the management of the radio station openly disown its staff and indeed throw him under the bus simply because the Governor criticizes their programme for not living up to his expectation.

What exactly was the offense of the reporter? Why can’t you just suspend the programme instead of dismissing the Presenter?

Why is sycophancy the order of day amongst some media organizations in Borno State?

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