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Sexual enhancers; A new menace in nothern Nigerian marriages, by Abdulaziz Isah Bagwai


Sexual enhancers; A new menace in nothern Nigerian marriages, by Abdulaziz Isah Bagwai

After all the courtship and wedding formalities, here you’re in my room, on the sofa you’ve brought from your home, with a soon-to-open covered face, wondering whether it’s a reality or illusion. Recalling the many years of promises you and I have made, becomes fulfilled today.

Recalling when you use to go back home when we were done with our conversations during courtship. But nay, today you’re going nowhere – this is your new home and hopefully would remain yours until the end of time.

My mind is swinging, I’m head down, feeling like I’m in someone’s thought faculty. I couldn’t believe it, the girl I’m so attracted to is under my control, in my house, and under my care. This is a dream and opportunity I’ve always been yearning for, to see you become mine and be the garment I’ll wear and vice versa.

Perhaps, you weren’t exaggerating when you said “a day would come when, as two, we’ll become one”, I’ve seen it, and I’ve felt it today. By the way, it came earlier than I dreamt of it. I’m not well prepared from what my friends told me — I’m weak and may even be a failure in our marital life.

I’m in the dark, trying to understand what they mean, haven’t I provided all that you and I may require in our new home? Or, have you told them something that you want personally which is unknown to me and that you strongly like?

Why do you keep mute, let’s end this discussion first. I’ll pay your first words as my wife, I know it’s a must, but consider this conversation as an inclusion and conclusion to the one we had a week before our marriage.

And she responded, “Abdul you’re so old school and lack exposure. By preparation, your friends meant the traditional concoctions that’ll enlarge your dick, strengthen it, give you more power to last more on the bed, and make you taste sweeter than how naturally you’re.

I was stunned to silence, upon hearing her reply. She was waiting to know how well-prepared I am in that regard. I’m uncertain, I told her. I did not prepare for anything more than the one you can see here; a good and well-decorated house with food and anything you may need. I’m also prepared to take care of the responsibilities that God has placed upon me, that’s all.

She stared at me with her rolling eyeballs, “you’re aware sex is the main reason for marriage, how can we do without preparing for it?” I sighed a deep breath and continued, did you just say “sex is the main reason for marriage?” So how do we do then if we’re old and we’ve reached menopause? should we end the marriage then? And what if I’m hypersexual, can you satisfy me even with your artificial aid?

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Ç’mon babe, marriage, as sociologists would say, “is a strong agreement of like-minded lovers that share similar opinions, desires, aspirations and believed to live with each other through thick and thorns as one single family”. Marriage isn’t all about sex as you’ve always thought. From my understanding, marriage is made of many things in different compositions, and the reasons are just numerous but as Muslims, we know that marriage is an act of worship!

Back to where we were, I’m afraid you may outdo me in this process tonight, I’ve sincerely not taken any concoction provided to me. I married you because I love you, and this thing we will do tonight is just a start, a step to decades of journey, we are not finishing it today, so do you suggest we’ll always be at the herbalist’s center if we intended to have sex until the end of time? Or that we won’t ever have it again after this night?

I’ve heard, not once, that many couples ended up bed-spaced in a hospital the following day after their first night. The brides mostly got their private parts split by which they must undergo treatment for days, and the groom I’m their parts ended up with an unerectile dick when they were overpowered and must also be admitted to the hospital for emergency intervention.

You see, there’s nothing good in taking all these concoctions before starting our sexual life. If one or all of us need therapy in that regard why can’t we discuss it and visit a healthcare specialist for therapy and or medication? And if we’re moderately good shouldn’t we be thankful and concentrate on learning each other’s likes and preferences in that area?

It’s ok babe, the tears are enough. We often do wrongs but correcting those wrongs means we haven’t done them and the reward follows. It’s still not late, get prepared let’s go to the clinic for a possible way out. Amidst her tears, she said, “I haven’t taken them (the concoctions), the herbalist told me that these are some kind of a special one that works with immediate effect, so I shouldn’t take them unless I’m ready for the sex, here they’re in my bag”.

Masha Allah, I said, with a waggling mouth in inexpressible joy and happiness, thanking God Almighty after rubbing my face with the palms of my hand.

Abdulaziz Isah Bagwai is a 22 year old Community Health student, award winning poet and an upcoming writer from kano. He can be reached via 08100880499 aibagwai001@gmail.com

AbdulAzeez Isah Bagwai

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