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Wonders of Taraba’s Mountain of Death, the highest mountain in Nigeria


Wonders of Taraba’s Mountain of Death, the highest mountain in Nigeria

At the Eastern corner of Gashaka Gumti National Park in Taraba State Nigeria, lies a majestic spectacle, straddling the Cameroonian border with Nigeria, called Chappal Waddi (also known as Gangirwal).

The name translates to ‘Mountain of Death’ in Fulfulde, because of an insurmountable gully that exists in the Southern corner of the Nigerian side of the range.

Despite the name, Chappal Waddi is a gorgeous mountain and has been explored by climbers, researchers and conservation specialists.

It is also a crucial part of the communities surrounding the mountain, the majority of whom are herders who depend on the landscape to feed their livestock.

Chappal Waddi is 2,419 m above sea level and the highest in Nigeria and West Africa. It is a relatively easy mountain to climb, compared to neighbouring Mount Cameroon,  according to the latest report by https://mountnigeria.com/about.

The summit of Chappal Waddi is located in Nigeria and was marked by a wooden signpost in 2020 by a group of climbers who visited the mountain with TVP Adventures.

There are many groups that come together to protect the legacy of the National Park and Chappal Waddi Mountain. Every group plays an important role and it is important to acknowledge the synergy that brings every climbing experience to life.

The groups have been identified as Gashaka Gumti National Park and the Nigeria Park  Services, Africa Nature Investors (ANI), Amansale Community, Serti Community, Nguroje Community and the Tour Operators (TVP Adventures and Nature Connects).

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