Bauchi Imam, Idris Abdul’aziz, released on bail following blasphemy allegations


Bauchi Imam, Idris Abdul’aziz, released on bail following blasphemy allegations

The Chief Imam of Dutsen-Tanshi Mosque in Bauchi, Dr Idris Abdul’aziz, has been released on bail from the Bauchi Medium Security Correctional Centre.

It was reported that Dr Idris was detained following a petition by Fityanul Islam, a Dariqa sect group, who accused the Imam of making derogatory comments about certain notorious Dariqa founders.

The group further alleged that the Imam made blasphemous remarks against Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

In response to the petition, the police charged Dr Idris at Bauchi Chief Magistrate Court no. 1 with inciting public disturbance, which is considered an offence.

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During the bail hearing, the presiding judge, Magistrate Abdulfatah Shakuni, considered the application filed by the Imam’s counsel, Umar Hassan.

Last week, the judge ruled that in order to secure his release, the Imam must present sureties that include a serving Permanent Secretary employed by the Bauchi State Government, a district head from within the Bauchi metropolis, and landed property worth N5,000,000.

At the time of this report, it remains unclear whether the Imam met the initial bail conditions or if the court modified them.

Addressing a crowd of followers shortly after his release at his mosque, Dr Idris Abdul’aziz expressed his gratitude for the support he received from various quarters, which ultimately led to his release from prison.

He urged his followers to uphold the law, remain peaceful, and avoid unjustly accusing others to justify their own actions.