Ekiti court dissolves pastor’s marriage over domestic violence, threats to life


Ekiti court dissolves pastor’s marriage over domestic violence, threats to life

The 3-year-old marriage between Pastor Oni Muyiwa and his wife, Alabi Adejoke, has been dissolved by a Customary Court in Ado-Ekiti.

The court made the decision due to recurring domestic violence and threats to life.

Muyiwa, a pastor in one of the renowned Pentecostal churches in the country, has a history of divorces and is known for manipulating women to exploit their wealth.

Ajejoke, the petitioner, sought the dissolution of the marriage and the return of her properties held by Muyiwa, through her counsel, Iyanu Olumuagun. She also requested that he vacate her house.

During cross-examination, the court discovered that Muyiwa was untrustworthy and his testimony was filled with lies.

He denied knowing a woman named Modupe, his first wife, as well as denying his knowledge of a woman named Oni Samuel Okikiola, who gave birth to his first son.

Muyiwa claimed that the petitioner did not own a car, but he acquired it while they were living together.

He also argued that he was not solely responsible for the child’s education and welfare.

In the judgment, the President of the Court, Mr. J.O Oyedele, ordered both parties to separate without causing further disturbance to each other.

The custody of their child was awarded to the petitioner, granting the respondent visitation rights.

The court further directed the respondent to immediately surrender the Toyota Camry car to the petitioner.

It also declared that the petitioner owned the 3-bedroom flat situated behind the School of the Handicap, and two plots of land in the Idolofin community, issuing a family receipt in her name.


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