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Customs college Gwagwalada begins training 50 officers of junior course 16


Customs college Gwagwalada begins training 50 officers of junior course 16

Story from Haruna YUSUF, Abuja

The Commandant of the Nigeria Customs Command (NCS) and Staff College, Gwagwalada, Assistant Comptroller-General of Customs, Al-Bashir Hamisu, has stated that the NCS system has reached a point where officers’ career growth is determined by their in-depth knowledge and acquired skills.

During the inauguration ceremony of Junior Course 16 at the Customs Command and Staff College in Gwagwalada, FCT, held on Thursday, May 25th, the Assistant Comptroller-General emphasized that the modus operandi of the NCS has significantly improved.

Postings and promotions are now based on merit and the ability to tackle the multifaceted challenges of modern customs.

“While I implore you to pay attention to the purpose that brought you here, I want to inform you that exceptional officers who excel in training will be posted to strategic positions to deploy their wealth of knowledge,” ACG Al-Bashir stated.

He also cautioned the newly inaugurated students to demonstrate decorum and maintain orderliness at the college, emphasizing that the instructors would not tolerate mediocrity or indiscipline.

“The Command will be highly committed to molding officers in character and learning. Participating in such courses is a rare opportunity that is not granted to every officer, so it must be utilized effectively to graduate with flying colors,” he added.

Addressing the students, the Commandant stressed the importance of time management, seeking knowledge, punctuality, self-confidence, and self-discipline for success in the course, which prepares them for the responsibilities of professional leadership.

The Commandant further assured the students that the college would be fair in its assessment and that their primary objective is to pass the courses.

“Remember that the Command will be vigilant about your conduct, and any form of indiscipline will be dealt with accordingly. I urge you to be diligent,” he warned.

The Commandant of the Nigeria Customs Staff College also expressed his appreciation to the Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hameed Ali (rtd.) CFR, and his entire management team for their continuous support to the Command.

He acknowledged that their impactful interventions had led to numerous achievements, including renovations, the construction of new hostels, and improvements in staff welfare and power infrastructure.

Furthermore, the students of Senior Course 8 presented souvenirs upon their return from Niger, Cameroon, Kenya, and Liberia, after their Operational Study Tour.

The Commandant commended their presentations and offered words of encouragement in his address to them.

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