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Fuel subsidy scrapped, economy revitalized – Tinubu


Fuel subsidy scrapped, economy revitalized – Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu declared that fuel subsidy is now a thing of the past under his administration.

The president made this announcement during his inaugural speech at Eagle Square on Monday.

In addition, President Tinubu vowed to address concerns regarding multiple taxations, with the aim of stimulating the economy and attracting investments.

With ambitious targets in mind, he articulated his administration’s goal of achieving a minimum Gross Domestic Profit growth rate of 6%.

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Radiating unwavering confidence in the Nigerian people, Tinubu pledged to embrace the sacred mandate bestowed upon him.

He underscored the nation’s exceptionalism and indomitable resolve to fulfill its destined path.

Despite enduring formidable challenges that would have tested the mettle of any nation, Tinubu extolled Nigeria’s resilience and urged the preservation and advancement of the progress made by preceding generations.

“We must never allow the sacrifices of our predecessors to be in vain,” affirmed Tinubu.

“Instead, let us nurture their legacy and strive to forge a brighter and more prosperous reality for our beloved nation.”

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